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Refugees, immigrants, and migrants face many challenges while integrating into a new society, often including having to learn a new language. In this episode, host Summayah El Azzioui speaks with three guests to examine how language barriers affect this population’s access to healthcare and their experiences during the COVID pandemic.

Featured guests include:

  • Dr. Shailey Prasad is co-principal investigator on the CDC-funded National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants Project, also referred to as NRC-RIM.
  • Dr. Mary Helen O’Connor is co-investigator on a CDC-funded project focused on vaccine uptake in Clarkston, Georgia.
  • Trupti Patel is a Clinical Coordinator at the Clarkston Community Health Center, where she has more than two years of translation experience.

Student Highlight: Summayah El Azzioui is a sophomore at Emory University, double majoring in Human Health and Linguistics. She is planning to pursue a career in medicine and public health with a focus in combating health disparities.

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