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Dr. Don Noble: Part 1 – Want to Change Your Life? Take a Breath

In this episode, host Charles Raison discusses the health benefits of breath work with Donald J. Noble, PhD, continuing a conversation started in a prior “Health is Everything” podcast episode. In this installment Raison and Noble open up a wide-ranging discussion on topics ranging from how breathing changes brain function on a moment-by-moment basis to the potential of both slow-deep and rapid breathing to improve well-being, along the way providing a quick guide to the bodily mechanisms involved in various therapeutic breathing strategies.
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Dr. Andrew Miller: Part 2 – Inflammation and Depression

In this Part 2 episode with Dr. Andrew H. Miller, we explore why humans have an inflammatory bias, why the link between inflammation and depression likely enhanced survival and reproduction across human evolution and why the absence of co-evolved bacteria, viruses and worms in the modern world is making both inflammation and depression worse.
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