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This episode features a deep dive into EMDR, a newly popular form of trauma therapy that raises questions about evidence-based practice, monetization of knowledge, and the surprising truth about what really makes therapy work.

Featured guests include:

  • Dr. Andrew Kazama is a professor in the psychology department at Emory University and an expert in the neurobiology of PTSD. More about his work can be found here.
  • M. shares her own story of PTSD and trauma therapy and speaks about flaws she noticed in the approach to treat survivors of trauma.
  • A. shares her story of growing up with a mother who had Munchausen’s by Proxy and subjected her to unnecessary and traumatic medical treatments, as well as how EMDR offered her hope for recovery where she hadn’t yet found it.

Student Highlight: Katerina Rinaldi is a senior at Emory University, where she majors in psychology. She is interested in science and pseudoscience in the practice of psychotherapy.

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