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Acetaminophen Risks in Pregnancy

News Team member Manju Karthikeyan examines a recent study associating women's acetaminophen use in pregnancy with higher risks of neurodevelopmental disorders in their children, and asks how the field of teratology has evolved since the 1961 thalidomide tragedy.
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Commercial Surrogacy in India: A Bioethical Debate

By News Team member Commercial surrogacy in India is a controversial topic of debate in bioethics. India’s attempts to regulate and control commercial surrogacy struggles to find a balance between two conflicting interests: preventing the exploitation of surrogates and protecting…

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COVID Chronicles | Pandemic Pregnancies: The COVID-19 Birth Experience

The pregnancy experience shifted rapidly during the pandemic, with new and soon-to-be mothers asking questions about delivery, breastfeeding and coronavirus safety measures around newborns. This episode highlights three different perspectives to bring a well-rounded view of what it means to be pregnant or delivering babies during a global pandemic.
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Pregnant People’s Paradox

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash (rights-free) By: Adaora Yvonne Ntukogu Including pregnant women in research is very risky. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable, so their participation in clinical trials could result in pregnancy complications that could harm the unborn…

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