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HealthierU | We Need To Talk About Autism and Sex Ed

Public school sexual education is patchy enough to begin with, but what about students who aren’t in the mainstream classes? For people with intellectual disabilities, sexual education is lacking at best and nonexistent at worst. With a population so susceptible to misunderstanding societal boundaries and sexual violence, it is important to provide adequate sex ed. In this episode, host Adele Fegley asks, how do we do this?
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HealthierU | Can Doulas and Home Births Make Childbirth Safer for Black Women?

Maternal death rates in the Black community are alarming. Some think the solution may lie in empowering Black mothers to give birth at home, with culturally appropriate assistance offered by doulas. In this episode, host Amaris Calhoun draws on evidence-based research and interviews to explore possible solutions to this crisis that could foster a more inclusive and equitable approach to maternity care.
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