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Exploring Health from the Center for the Study of Human Health at Emory University brings world-renowned scholars, scientists, and journalists together with student leaders to redefine the construct of health and well-being.

Weekly Health Digest: Organs Compatible with Any Blood Type, New C.D.C. Guidelines, Microplastics in Food, Transgender Rights in Texas, Public Health in Ukraine

A summary of important health news from the past week. Researchers Investigate How to Make Donated Organs Compatible With Any Blood Type By Meagan Drillinger, Healthline  Research findings from a new study published in Science Translational Medicine suggest that it…

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From King Middle School to Emory: Shifa Ali

"One lesson that stood out to me was when my partner and I were teaching the students about the relationship between physical activity and emotional health. Growing up, I never learned that physical activity has an effect on anything else but my physical health. However, in this lesson, we explored the effects that engaging in physical activity can have on our emotional well-being."
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