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Refugee Healthcare in Clarkston

By: Deanna Altomara The Clarkston Community Health Center sits in a small brick complex surrounded by gravel and blooming myrtle trees. It is a hot August Sunday afternoon and the waiting room is packed. All of the chairs, both wooden…

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Hurricanes: A Public Health Issue

By: Imani Brooks September is National Preparedness Month. At the start of this month, Hurricane Dorian demonstrated the serious need to learn about how hurricanes are in fact a public health issue.  Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November…

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Uncovering Orphan Diseases

By: Diya Gopalan Most people haven't heard of orphan diseases. That is because the term "orphan disease" refers either to a condition that only impacts a small number of individuals or as one that has been neglected by physicians. No…

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