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Picture of a women from the waist to the knees who is wrapped in caution tape. There appear to be several women with the same wrapping behind her, suggestion a demonstration of some sorts.

Is My Vagina Normal?

Vulva. Labia. Clitoris. Vagina. Why are these words so difficult for Western cultures to embrace? While depictions of penises have historically been plastered on statues, paintings, and architecture, vaginas have been neglected. Even origin stories including the birth of a…

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Microchip or Myth?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have been working tirelessly to engineer a vaccine that is safe and effective. In early November 2020, Pfizer released early data showing that their COVID-19 vaccine, which they developed with German drugmaker…

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Telehealth During COVID-19

By: Gordon Chan Hospitals and doctor’s offices have been notorious breeding grounds for germs and deadly pathogens long before COVID-19. The pandemic has brought that reality further into light, leaving sick people wary of risking their health by going to…

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