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A red-violet image of a brainm, with circuit diagrams to the left and ribbons and stars to the right, surmounted by a semi-opaque white blog containing the words "Health Beyond the Blog"

The Digital Brand Hopelessly Yellow Promotes Mental Wellness and Positivity

by Julia Roth

In 2020, amidst the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of University of Michigan students founded “Hopelessly Yellow,” a club dedicated to spreading hope and positivity during a time of widespread uncertainty and gloom. Since its creation, the club has grown, with chapters now established at various universities across the United States. Currently, “Hopelessly Yellow” has a presence at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Virginia, Duke, Cornell, and Tulane, and each university chapter maintains its own digital presence. 

The name of the club, inspired by the color yellow, represents the simple pleasures and happiness that brighten our lives. Hopelessly Yellow’s mission is to share these uplifting “yellow” moments to promote mental health and foster healthy, supportive human connections. Through interacting with the club’s media, members and followers are encouraged to find snippets of joy and moments of bliss.

On the Hopelessly Yellow website, you’ll discover student-written articles exploring themes such as self-acceptance, health, mental wellness, life lessons, and pop culture. Additionally, the sites feature a ‘lifestyle’ section containing photo collages that showcase various ‘yellow’ things—symbols of joy and positivity– such as flower picking and reading. While the club’s Instagram platforms do not contain articles, its feed is filled with motivational infographics that feature concise, positive messages, reminders, or ideas to inspire followers. 

For example, you might come across journal prompts, self-love activities, and simple yet profound messages like “Energy flows where intention goes.”

 In 2023, the University of Michigan branch of “Hopelessly Yellow” expanded its digital presence by launching a podcast titled “Golden Hour with Hopelessly Yellow.” This podcast addresses the everyday challenges that college students face, examples including anxiety, friendships, and campus culture.

In summary, if you’re seeking slivers of joy and a boost to your mental health, explore the uplifting content offered by Hopelessly Yellow here.