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Making Fitness and Nutrition Approachable

by Andrew Feld

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth is a science-backed health, fitness and nutrition podcast. Almost everyday, hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews publish a new episode to MindPump’s website and Spotify account. All three are certified personal trainers with years of experience training all kinds of clients. 

Episodes follow one of two formats: either a long conversation on a variety of topics, or a short, in depth discussion on one topic. The longer podcasts are typically one and half to two hours and are divided into two segments: starting with an informal conversation on a whole host of current events and ending with four or five health and wellness based questions from viewers. The first part of these longer episodes is can’t miss content, as Sal, Adam, and Justin provide their unfiltered (and highly entertaining) opinions on a variety of subject matter, ranging from the stock market to movie reviews to their own kids. However, any listener wishing to only hear the fitness expertise can fast forward to Q&A during the final thirty minutes.

The shorter episodes are equally as entertaining and informative. During these, the show starts with the specific topic for the day, and often, an expert in that field comes on the podcast. Some of my favorite shorter episodes are Episode 1757: The Truth About the Anabolic Window and Protein Timing and Episode 1767: Dumbbells vs Barbells.  
In each podcast, Sal, Adam and Justin display their perfect chemistry, making it very easy to listen to them. MindPump is a perfect podcast for anyone looking to learn more about health and fitness in an understandable way. Start listening here.