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Spirituality, Health and Compassion: a Conversation with the Reverend Maureen Shelton, Part 2

More than other healthcare professions, chaplaincy is undergoing profound change, and nowhere is this change more apparent than in the Emory Department of Spiritual Health, where chaplaincy is being transformed from an ancillary hospital offering to an integral component of the healthcare system. In this second part of a two-part series Maureen Shelton, M.Div, joins host Charles L. Raison, MD, to continue their conversation on the role that rigorous training in compassion has played for development of spiritual health as a scientific discipline. In particular, Reverend Shelton brings us into the world of Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health (CCSH™), a novel program designed at Emory with the goal of optimizing the ability of spiritual health clinicians to care for their patients while also building the resilience within themselves needed to thrive in the emotionally taxing environments in which chaplaincy so often occurs. Reverend Shelton shares the core concepts of CCSH, bringing these to life in a series of beautiful vignettes of patient-chaplain meetings, or in the parlance of spiritual health—at the place of vulnerability where care seeker and care provider can meet in ways that impact emotional and physical health. Maureen Shelton is the System Director of Education and Director of the Division of CCSH in the Department of Spiritual Health at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

This episode is Part 2 in a two-part series.

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