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The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected people of color, particularly the Black community. This episode centers around the stories of three Black women who have encountered events that are directly consequential to the health of Black women at large. They shed light on the country’s healthcare system through the lens of policy advocacy, cancer survivorship and the birthing process.

Featured guests include Mariah Knight, an advocate and volunteer for Girls Going Global; Marjorie Jackson, an educated writer and mother who has experienced birthing while Black; Lisa Kirk, an English professor and educator of nearly 20 years who rebuilt her life after stage 3 breast cancer.

Student Highlight: Bryson Jones is a graduating senior in the Center for the Study of Human Health. A Black man himself, Jones has been painfully aware of the health disparities plaguing Black women as he conducts more research and talks candidly with Black women in his life.

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