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States have used different strategies to mitigate the spread and health impacts of the pandemic. In this episode, host Preye Jituboh speaks with experts in public health, healthcare delivery and hospital operations and management about the tactics that Georgia and New York have used during the past year.

Featured guests include Chris O’Brien, the senior director of financial operations for Long Island Jewish Valley Stream, a 284-bed community hospital in New York; Justin Wright, an Emory alum and administrative manager for Medstar Medical Group’s anesthesia departments; and Ellen Idler, a professor in Emory’s epidemiology and sociology departments and director of the Religion and Public Health Collaborative.

Student Highlight: Preye Jituboh is a senior at Emory University studying Human Health and Health Innovations. Hailing from New York City and Nigeria, she has prominent interests in the field of public health, with specific goals of working in healthcare policy, health disparities, and reproductive health.

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