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It’s common knowledge that stress can make you sick. But why? It’s also becoming increasingly understood that it is the body’s own inflammatory system that is responsible for most COVID deaths. Why does the immune system get so confused?

If these questions seem interesting but unrelated, this is the podcast for you. Our guest is Steve Cole, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and hero to many of us working in the field of mind-body medicine. Dr. Cole is famous for his work using the expression of genes to examine how stress impacts our immune system to produce mental and physical illness. In recent years he has revolutionized the field by providing the most cogent evolutionary arguments yet advanced for why stress seems to be so bad for us, and conversely, why loving relationships and altruistic mindsets are so beneficial for health. And before the podcast is done we explore how COVID can trick the immune system in ways that look eerily similar to the effects of loneliness. Join us as Dr. Cole explains these fascinating and timely connections.

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