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If you follow these podcasts you know that Dan Benardot, a nutritional expert, warns us about the many problems of fasting as a weight-loss strategy. How, then, are we to understand the growing popularity of practices like intermittent fasting, not just as a way of losing weight, but as health-enhancing lifestyles? Is fasting good or bad? If it has benefits, what are these and why does it work?

Addressing these questions and many more in this podcast is Dr. Rhonda Patrick, host of the wildly-popular podcast and website FoundMyFitness. Dr. Patrick describes herself as dedicated to the pursuit of longevity and optimal health through a focus on nutrition, aging, and disease prevention. Her legion of fanatically loyal listeners spans the globe and includes everyone from top athletes and movie stars to world-famous doctors and scientists, all drawn by her uncanny ability to translate complex scientific ideas into actionable health practices. This skill is in full display on this podcast, as Dr. Patrick talks about links between nutrition, cellular health and aging, well-being, and weight loss, always with a focus on evidence suggesting that fasting may be a natural human way to eat.

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