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It’s the spookiest time of year again! And many of use are indulging in scary movies, which may actually be healthy for us. Watching scary movies might help us burn calories, help with anxiety, and even improve immune response. But it’s also just fun! Below is a list from the Human Health News Team of scary movies with a health twist for you to indulge this Halloween weekend. In no particular order (because lack of order can be scary!):

  1. Cabin Fever (2002)–college graduates infected with a flesh-eating virus during a camping trip 
  2. Daybreakers (2009)–bat virus infects people, but instead of getting Covid they become vampires 
  3. REC (2007)–residents are trapped in apartment where one by one they become infected with rabies-like virus 
  4. 28 Days Later (2002)–chimpanzees held at a medical research lab with the “Rage” virus are let loose and the entire city goes into chaos
  5. Pontypool (2008)–a virus is transmitted through word

For more, check out this list of scary movies about viruses or this one about diseases.

And once you’re all scared out, don’t forget to join us November 4th from 4 – 5:30pm for a virtual talk with Emory’s Dr. Shivani Patel about social disparities in Covid. The event is free and open to the public. Register here.