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A red-violet image of a brainm, with circuit diagrams to the left and ribbons and stars to the right, surmounted by a semi-opaque white blog containing the words "Health Beyond the Blog"

Health Beyond the Blog: Medical Entanglements: Rethinking Feminist Debates about Healthcare

Caroline Hansen recommends, "Medical Entanglements: Rethinking Feminist Debates about Healthcare" by Kristina Gupta is a crucial exploration into the nuanced ethical landscape of contemporary biomedical interventions. Through an intersectional lens, Gupta deftly examines the implications of gender-affirming care, sexual satisfaction pharmaceuticals, and weight loss interventions, advocating for a personalized approach to healthcare that prioritizes individual fulfillment over rigid ideological benchmarks.
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Commercial Surrogacy in India: A Bioethical Debate

By News Team member Commercial surrogacy in India is a controversial topic of debate in bioethics. India’s attempts to regulate and control commercial surrogacy struggles to find a balance between two conflicting interests: preventing the exploitation of surrogates and protecting…

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