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Improving Health Education Through Relationships 

Children as young as two years old can benefit from the basics of health knowledge, but through my community teaching experience at King Middle School, I see clearly now that middle childhood is the developmental period where children may benefit the most from health education as this is the stage of life where we start to gain more independence and responsibility.
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Health 1,2,3,4

The four-course series aims to provide students with strategies and resources to play an active role in their own health, while also equipping them with the skills to promote the health of their peers.
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From King Middle School to Emory: Shifa Ali

"One lesson that stood out to me was when my partner and I were teaching the students about the relationship between physical activity and emotional health. Growing up, I never learned that physical activity has an effect on anything else but my physical health. However, in this lesson, we explored the effects that engaging in physical activity can have on our emotional well-being."
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