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Weekly Health Digest: Frostbite Treatment, IVF Under Attack, and Severe Menopause as a Disability

New from the @EmoryCSHH News Team: The FDA has recently approved a new treatment for patients suffering from severe frostbite, and in an intriguing development on the global health policy front, one country has taken a bold step by considering severe menopause symptoms as a qualifying condition for disability benefits. Meanwhile, a major embryo shipping company has decided to halt its operations in Alabama due to regulatory concerns.
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Health Beyond the Blog: Medical Entanglements: Rethinking Feminist Debates about Healthcare

Caroline Hansen recommends, "Medical Entanglements: Rethinking Feminist Debates about Healthcare" by Kristina Gupta is a crucial exploration into the nuanced ethical landscape of contemporary biomedical interventions. Through an intersectional lens, Gupta deftly examines the implications of gender-affirming care, sexual satisfaction pharmaceuticals, and weight loss interventions, advocating for a personalized approach to healthcare that prioritizes individual fulfillment over rigid ideological benchmarks.
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Changing the Language of Menstruation

News Team member Caroline Hansen suggests a significant shift in language around menstruation, aiming for inclusivity for transgender and nonbinary individuals. This study reveals the varied linguistic expressions and the impact of gendered language on gender dysphoria.
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