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Weekly Health Digest: Pandemic Struggles for People with Disabilities, Non-hormonal Birth Control for Men, Spike in Alcohol-Related Deaths, Fourth Covid Vaccine, 3D Printing

A summary of important health news from the past week. Pandemic Medical Innovations Leave Behind People With Disabilities By: Lauren Weber, Kaiser Health News Inaccessibility in a world that privileges able-bodiedness remains an ongoing struggle for people with disabilities. The…

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Weekly Health Digest: Organs Compatible with Any Blood Type, New C.D.C. Guidelines, Microplastics in Food, Transgender Rights in Texas, Public Health in Ukraine

A summary of important health news from the past week. Researchers Investigate How to Make Donated Organs Compatible With Any Blood Type By Meagan Drillinger, Healthline  Research findings from a new study published in Science Translational Medicine suggest that it…

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