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Weekly Health Digest: Frostbite Treatment, IVF Under Attack, and Severe Menopause as a Disability

New from the @EmoryCSHH News Team: The FDA has recently approved a new treatment for patients suffering from severe frostbite, and in an intriguing development on the global health policy front, one country has taken a bold step by considering severe menopause symptoms as a qualifying condition for disability benefits. Meanwhile, a major embryo shipping company has decided to halt its operations in Alabama due to regulatory concerns.
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Health Beyond the Blog: “Medication,” by The Collection

News Team member Lydia King recommends "Medication," by The Collection, a song that dives into the mental health journey of lead singer David Wimbish, addressing the stigma around psychiatric medication with unflinching honesty. Through its direct title and album cover adorned with pill images, the song challenges the shame often associated with antidepressants, advocating for openness and acceptance.
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Access Denied

New in Exploring Health's longform vertical: Chaya Tong delves into the nuanced debate over the growing influence of Catholic health systems on patient care and the ethical challenges it poses.
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