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Dr. Adam Goodcoff Breaks Down Medical Literacy Barriers

by Jordyn Rosenberg

TikTok, despite its reasons for controversy, can actually be used as an effective educational platform when it comes to health and medicine. Creators have utilized the platform to not only share tips on healthy lifestyle habits, but medical professionals have also been using TikTok to educate and inform audiences about various topics.

One doctor in particular, Dr. Adam Goodcoff, or @seethemedlife on TikTok, has leveraged his platform to educate and motivate others. Dr. Goodcoff is an Emergency Medicine resident doctor with a TikTok following of almost two million. He posts short informational videos on all things health and medicine. From answering common questions to teaching new concepts, Dr. Goodcoff is utilizing his platform to enlighten and educate others. 

In his short videos, he answers followers’ questions, breaking down complex medical ideas. He provides tips for his followers on what to do in certain health situations. In addition to creating content for the general public, Dr. Goodcoff also creates videos for medical students with tips and information on emergency medicine procedures. His most viewed TikToks are ones on suture and IV techniques.

With all the health misinformation in the media, it is comforting to know there are professionals utilizing social media to promote real and reliable health information. Whether you are a medical student or not, Dr. Goodcoff’s account is a great place to expand your knowledge on emergency medicine and learn new things.

Dr. Goodcoff also has a YouTube channel, The Med Life, where he posts longer videos about emergency medicine.

Check out his TikTok account here.