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Going the Distance: Health Science in Action

by Andrew Feld

Anyone looking for a highly entertaining and informative video series on all things running, lifting, and nutrition better check out Nick Bare on YouTube. Nick is a U.S. Army veteran, founder of Bare Performance Nutrition, and author of 25 Hours A Day. He began his YouTube channel in 2012, posting vlogs of his days as an Active Duty Infantry Platoon Leader, and now his weekly fitness and motivational videos attract thousands of viewers. 

After leaving the military, Nick wanted to continue growing his business while also pursuing fitness goals. He settled down just outside of Austin, TX, and throughout the last ten years, Nick has consistently put out videos detailing his business, training, and personal life. He not only shows viewers each workout, but Nick also takes the time to explain the science behind each workout.

Nick has completed Ironmans, Marathons, 100-mile Ultra-Marathons and competed in bodybuilding competitions. Most recently, he created a 16-episode documentary on his trek to run the Buffalo, NY, Marathon in under 2 hours and 50 minutes. Viewers get to follow along with each workout and also receive valuable knowledge on how to build a safe and efficient running program for themselves. 

The video productions are top-notch. The sound, editing, music, and camerawork are so quality that it makes his videos feel like a mini TV series rather than a typical YouTube channel. To start watching, click here.