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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash (rights-free)

The Exploring Health News Team relaunches this spring semester with a strong, diverse new cast of writers and editors.

Exploring Health is an online journal of news and culture created by the Center for the Study of Human Health, written by students pursuing independent study and supervised by Center faculty. It surfaces and curates important health and science news from around the world via its Weekly Health Digest; examines the relationship of health and science, and artistic and cultural expression, in an ongoing series, Health Beyond the Blog; and publishes student-written and -edited news stories, interviews and narratives in its news pages.

Serving on the News Team allows students to develop skills in critical thinking and argument, while also learning to write about health and science for a general audience, immersing them in the speed, thoroughness, accuracy, and evidentiary rigor of journalism. Among recent stories: an examination of the rise of antibiotic resistance; a multi-part series on modes of traditional medicine; an interrogation of the aesthetics of plastic surgery; and a thoughtful look into the addictive qualities of social media.

The team’s new editor is Maryn McKenna, MS, an award-winning journalist and author and Senior Fellow in the Center who also teaches health and science writing and podcasting. The assistant editor, a new position, is Sarah Du, a senior human health major who is interested in health equity and policy, autism spectrum disorder inclusivity and research, and maternal and child health. 

New to the team this semester are:

  • Annika Urban, a junior studying human health and political science who runs for Emory’s cross country and track teams and hopes to work in public health after graduation.
  • Gabrielle Stearns, a junior studying human health and dance who hopes to pursue a career in health communications while also keeping dance and the arts in her daily life.
  • Jessica Maaskant, a junior studying biology and nutritional science and animal-shelter volunteer who studies harnessing the microbiome to improve cancer therapeutics. 

Returning to the team from fall 2021 are:

  • Lexi Rosmarin, a sophomore studying human health and sociology, and avid hiker, who plans to pursue epidemiology as a course of study.
  • India Stevenson, a senior in human health looking toward an MPH in epidemiology, who is interested in community-based solutions to global health disparities globally and has volunteered with refugee and reproductive-justice organizations.
  • Zainab Molumo, a senior in human health and African studies, and painter, looking toward a career in medicine and public health.