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Colleges and universities faced tough decisions throughout 2020 when deciding how to handle pandemic precautions on campus. This episode zooms in on the factors at play underlying Emory’s decision to partially re-open in the fall semester of 2020, as well as the altered student experience on campus.

Featured guests include Michael Elliott, Dean of Emory College of Arts & Sciences; Mikko Biana, a senior Emory student who serves as the vice president of the Student Government Association as well as a resident advisor for freshmen; and Neel Gandhi, an Emory University physician and public health expert who served on Emory’s COVID-19 Response Collaborative and COVID-19 Response and Recovery Plan.

Student Highlight: Andrew Spencer is a junior psychology major at Emory University. He is interested in public health and mental health advocacy, and he ultimately hopes to pursue a career in clinical psychology. 

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