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Picture of a few gooey, delicious looking chocolate chip cookies

Things are stressful right now. We are almost a year and a half into a global pandemic that continues to devastate communities. Meanwhile, summer is approaching and folks are left wondering if we can travel and what to do with school aged children for the coming months. And for college students, this time is particularly hard–it’s finals season.

To help you cope, each of the News Team members shares what they do to relieve some stress; maybe some of these can help you too. (And feel free to add your stress relieving tip in the comments!)

Adaora Ntukogu: “When I’m stressed, I like to write in my journal. I write about everything that has been consuming my thoughts. After doing this, I feel way more relaxed and I have a clearer headspace.”

Sarah Du: “I like watching comedic shows like Saturday Night Live and eating sugary foods!”

Dynasti deGouville: “When I’m stressed, I like to take a warm shower, moisturize, and watch YouTube videos or do a puzzle!”

Zainab Molumo: “I like to light a candle and eat some dessert (usually ice cream).”

Gordon Chan: “Two words: comfort food!”

Jennifer Sarrett: “I like to get lost in a novel. I read so much but it’s mostly heavy academic stuff and I find good fiction can totally take my mind somewhere else”

While we recognize that comfort food and sweets aren’t exactly healthy, we also realize that being ‘healthy’ 100% of the time is in itself stressful and, thus, unhealthy. So, indulge on occasion!

We hope that everyone is able to find some time to relax and restore this summer.