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A new Netflix original series Headspace Guide to Meditation is a short informational series about the practice and science of meditation. It encourages everyone to make meditation an integral part of their lives. Narrated by author and meditative practitioner, Andy Puddicombe, this series offers a highly colorful and minimalist guide to meditation.

Whether you are interested in the science behind it or you simply want to build your meditative practices, Netflix has created the perfect series on different methods, mindsets, and ways of mindfulness.

Each episode, about 20- 25 minutes long, begins with an easily digestible psycho-biological explanation of different forms of meditation and why it is beneficial for the mind and body. The second half of the episode consists of a guided mediation accompanied by a simple moving background. With the topic of each episode ranging from dealing with stress, letting go, dealing with anger, and unlocking your full potential, there is at least one episode for everyone.

Premiering on April 28th, Netflix and Headspace are releasing another related series titled The Headspace Guide to Sleep. It features information all about sleep, our relationship with it, how to create better habits, and mindful techniques that can help you rest better.