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For Dr. Jennifer Sarrett’s Health and Human Rights course, students got in groups of 3-4 and chose an issues important to health and human rights and developed a social media campaign to bring awareness of this issue. Destination HealthEU is featuring some of these projects, starting with Mikahla Gay, Suzanne Martin, and Rachel Xue’s project on Health and Human Rights in the Navajo Nation. Below is a brief description of the project and a link to their LinkTree.

In Dr. Sarrett’s Health and Human Rights course this semester, our project team valued learning about internationally recognized human rights, particularly the human right to health and the horrific violations of this right in the United States. The social inequities brought to light by the COVID-19 pandemic in Navajo Nation moved us to educate ourselves on this topic and start this project to spread awareness. From our research, we decided to create four infographics, including information about the history of cultural genocide, the specific rights of Native people and violations of these rights, COVID-19 disparities and the current needs of the Navajo Nation. We felt these topics provided the most vital information to understand the magnitude of these issues and how they affect Native Americans. However, we are not Indigenous people and we do not want to speak over Indigenous voicesWe have included links to organizations and funds led by Native people that we urge you to support and donate to.

See the entire project here: