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GetUsPPE is a national grassroots organization dedicated to delivering PPE (personal protective equipment) to individuals in dire need as a response to the national PPE shortage announced in March 2020.

The founders of the organization, a team of physicians who were working directly with patients with Covid-19, quickly realized that the best way to combat the PPE shortage was to partner with other organizations with similar goals. By gathering and collecting data into one single platform in only four days, the organization made it possible for donors and requestors across the nation to communicate and allocate up to millions of PPE to one another. The unification of many major PPE and Covid-19 organizations under one umbrella made it possible to move swiftly and quickly, protecting millions of lives in the process. As of now, GetUsPPE has delivered over 2 million masks, gowns, face shields, and more and has fulfilled over 16 thousand individual requests for PPE. The organization is still working on fulfilling the PPE shortages that still take hold in many parts of the nation. To learn more about the organization, visit