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Will Congress Bring Sky-High Air Ambulance Bills Down To Earth?

Jackie Fortier

An investigation by Kaiser Health News and NPR found that the cost of getting medivac helicopter rides range from $28,000 to $97,000. Unlike most markets, increased competition has actually led to price increases for these life saving services. New legislation may be able to help bring these costs down.

While America wages war on opioids, meth makes its comeback

Drew Kann

While most of the country has turned its attention to combating the opioid crisis, states like Oklahoma have been fighting a war with methamphetamine. Although laws have been passed to restrict access to allergy drugs used to make meth, methamphetamine is back on the horizon. This time it is more dangerous than ever before. In fact, officials across the state of Oklahoma have been seizing meth that is purer, cheaper, and in greater quantities than ever before.

Perspective: A Heart Device Can Save Lives, But Doctors Need To Explain The Downsides

Dr. Matthew Movsesian

Heart failure can be staved off with the help of an implanted pump called the left ventricular-assist device (LVAD). This lifesaving device is expanding in popularity, but many doctors and patients may not be adequately weighing the risks that might accompany the implant.

Virginia Suspends Controversial Tampon Ban for Prison Visitors

Associated Press

The Virginia Department of Corrections recently introduced a policy where women who visit inmates at state prisons would be prohibited from wearing tampons or menstrual cups. After widespread media coverage, Virginia Secretary of Public and Homeland Security Safety called for an “immediate suspension” of the policy. The policy seeks to prevent contraband from entering the prisons, but many advocates note the clear privacy right violations of women involved with the policy.

Big Ideas in Health Economics

Jonathan S. Skinner

In this article published by Health Affairs, the author identifies new ideas within the field of health economics. The viability of socially optimal costs and the difference between health and health care are discussed. Additionally, Skinner acutely defines what health economics is and how defining it can help us create better health care reform.