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Can This Judge Solve the Opioid Crisis?

Jan Hoffman

Judge Dan Aaron Polster of the Northern District of Ohio wants to quickly settle more than 400 lawsuits against drug makers and distributors in wake of the national opioid crisis. Many lawyers are skeptical that he can pull off this difficult feat. The lawsuits are being brought against the makers of prescription pain killers, companies that distribute them, and pharmacy chains that sell them.

Gerontologists tackle social isolation, increasingly a public health concern

The Gerontology Society of America

The latest issue ofPublic Policy & Aging Report focuses on the importance of social connectivity and social engagement for aging populations. A lack of social connectivity is associated with risk factors such as obesity, inactivity, and smoking as well as early mortality. The issues includes innovative approaches to address isolation in aging, such as providing free transportation and technology based services to remind people of events of interest.

Severe Shortage Of Psychiatrists Exacerbated By Lack Of Federal Funding

Samantha Raphelson

Despite continued interest in psychiatry among emerging physicians, there is a shortage of psychiatrists in America. This shortage is partly explained by a growing population of people 65 and older, who have high mental health concerns. Further, there is a cap of federally funded psychiatric residence program, which are required for physical training.