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A Person Making A Cannabis Joint

Most US adults have not gotten a flu shot for this mild season

Susan Scutti

According to a new survey from NORC, a research organization at the University of Chicago, most U.S. adults have not gotten a flu shot this season. More specifically, 43% of adults over the age of 18 said they got vaccinated against the flu as of mid-November. 14% of the unvaccinated adults claim that they will get the shot, according to the survey.

Even without proof, CBD is finding a niche as a cure-all

Linda Carroll, John Torres, M.D. and Ali Galante

Despite a lack of evidence for its effectiveness, cannabidiol, or CBD, has risen in popularity in recent years as a treatment for anything from anxiety and autoimmune disorders to pain and inflammation. Skeptics point out that a large part of CBD’s effects may be explained by the placebo effect. Other experts are concerned that patients may forgo proven treatments in favor of CBD.

‘We’re Fighting For Our Lives’ — Patients Protest Sky-High Insulin Prices

Bram Sable-Smith

People with Type 1 diabetes, who need insulin daily to regulate their blood sugar, are protesting the rising costs of insulin. Recently, they have turned their attention to drug makers. Since 2002, the cost of vials of insulin have tripled in costs, causing several deaths of people who can not afford the medication regularly.