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A Carton Of Brown Eggs

207 million eggs in nine states recalled over salmonella fears

Faith Karimi

Rolling Acres Farms has chosen to recall 206,749,248 eggs after suspected salmonella contamination. Eggs were sold at both retail stores and restaurants in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Affected brands includeCountry Daybreak, Coburn Farms, Crystal Farms, Sunshine Farms and Glenview, and some eggs sold at Food Lion stores.

Lead found in hundreds of Chicago homes’ tap water, report says

Jacqueline Howard

According to the Chicago Tribune analysis, toxic lead has been found in nearly 70% of 2,797, homes across Chicago in the past two years. In every three out of ten homes in the analysis, the lead concentrations were greater than 5 parts per billion. Lead exposure has been known to negatively impact every human organ system and can take a huge toll on children’s development.

Investigation underway in multistate E. coli outbreak

Debra Goldschmidt

Over the past four weeks, 17 people across seven states have been infected with E. coli, and 6 of these individuals have been hospitalized. States with reported cases are New Jersey, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington, Missouri, and Ohio. Investigators are currently working to determine the source of the outbreak.